Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome to my new French Cooking Blog !

Welcome all Foodies !!

Are you a French food Lover ? Are you a Cook ? Are you a Food Enthousiast ? Are you interested in learning the Secrets of Cooking ? Are you interested in learning how to make easy and tasty Recipes ? Are you ... ?

No matter "what or who you are", we all have at least one good reason to appreciate delicious food !

From now on I want you to appreciate cooking as well.
Keep in mind Cooking is not an Art reserved only to trained Chefs !

My Cooking Classes & Personal Chef services are famous in Connecticut (Trumbull, CT) and adapted to all levels, even for kids.

Visit my website: to get more information about my services.

I learned how to cook with my father in Burgundy, France. I took Cooking Classes in Paris, and to me, the most important is that I cook eveyday with passion, with creativity, and always with fun !

Et voila ... Bon Appetit !!!

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  1. Blog seems to be very informative and interesting too. I am from chef background (Student) and love to enjoy reading new things. Thanks for share and keep it up.
    Personal Chef